Are you new to the Church of Christ at Manor Woods? Maybe you have been attending for awhile, but want to know more about Manor Woods? Or, do you want to know how to develop your relationship with God?

Please consider participating in some of our next steps sessions offered each month! These sessions are for welcoming those new to Manor Woods and/people those wanting to take the next step in their relationship with God. These steps are the primary connection point at Manor Woods for all new believers and new attenders. Our desire is to get you connected with God and His Church!

Sessions are held in the Heritage room, next to the church office.

pizza with the pastor

Pizza with the pastor is an informal meeting time where if you are just visiting and you want to ask any questions, meet the staff, or learn about programs this is a great place to do that. Register here so we know you are coming!


starting point

Starting point is a one-session class for anyone wanting to learn more about what Manor Woods teaches and practices, and why, taught by Senior Minister, Dyke McCord. All are invited and lunch is provided. Register here so we know you are coming!